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If you wish to pay by cheque - Cheques should be made out to Moorsbus CIC and sent to our main contact address, as on this website. It's important that you specify which colour back pack you want. Remember to include your name, address and postcode.

Delivery is to UK mainland addresses only, contact us for postage costs to overseas. 

There are loads of other things we COULD sell, but the difficulty is the outlay of cash to order them, unless we can persuade anyone to make items for free. If you have any ideas, please contact us.

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Blue Back-Pack

42cm high, 38cm wide, two pockets at the back as shown. Delivered to your door £14.50

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Graphite Back-Pack

42cm high, 32cm wide, one pocket and one side drink-bottle holder. Delivered to your door £14.50

Fractal Art For Sale (Please see the pictures below)

Vienna Forester’s Redhead Arts produce some incredibly beautiful fractal art. Fear not, it’s nothing to do with splitting rocks and friendships to get gas out of our countryside, but is a very clever art form that Vienna has been practicing for many years.

Vienna’s remarkably beautiful work was shown at her Our Land, Our Sea exhibition at both the Inspired By… gallery, Danby Lodge and on a Moorsbus in 2019. And here are the last two of four pieces donated to us by Vienna at the end of the exhibition in a very touching and generous gesture.

The works are Rough Hawkbit and Wild Cherry and are priced at £95 each, with all the proceeds going to help pay for the 2023 Moorsbus network. We can send you more detailed photos if you like, or you can see them at Kirkbymoorside.

Don’t hang about though or they’ll be not be hanging on your wall…

Thank you Vienna, once again!

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Wild Cherry - Vienna Forester

£95 - See above

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Rough Hawkbit - Vienna Forester

£95 - See above

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Vienna Forester donating Our Land Our Sea prints to Moorsbus at Danby

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Fancy Owning Your Own Bus?

Build your own Arriva Wright Streetlite M3 Moorsbus. All you need is a pair of scissors, some glue or sticky tape and you’re away! £3.00 inc P&P.

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Pay For A Bus - £400

We know it sounds like a lot of money, but this is the average contract cost per day. Fares and pass income carried forward to pay for future buses!

Please pay by bank transfer or cheque on donations page to save us having to pay a large percentage to Paypal.

Thank you!

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Bunting for Sale

Pretty bunting for children's bedrooms, special occasions, etc. Made to order by Patricia in Guisborough, specially for Moorsbus. Cost £1 per triangle. Please email your order to, and we will pass it on. Postage £3 within the UK, or contact us for overseas quote.